Tania Ahkin, a certified holistic health practitioner and hormone coach shares her journey towards holistic health. She shares:

- How she became vegan to being plant based

- An overview of Reiki

- What it means to be mindful

- Her tips on how to be holistically healthy, and more!

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Tania: So Reiki is a universal life force And I know this sounds like really, we re you know, kind of what, what is this? But quantum physics have, discovered that we are energy

Glee: Hey Zesties!Welcome to the Gleeful Talk SHow where we share zesty stories to cultivate the happiness. And here within, in this episode, we are going to talk all about holistic health and Reiki. Our guest for today is a certified holistic health practitioner and hormonal coach who incorporates Reiki in the practice of holistic health.

She is passionate about inspiring people to live a healthier lifestyle. Please welcome Tanya Alkin. Hi, Tanya. Welcome to the show.


Tania: Hi glee. Thank you. Thanks so much for having me.

Glee: Thank you for coming in the show and yeah, holistic health.

can you talk about what holistic health means?


Tania: Yeah, of course. So holistic health is looking at the whole picture of the person. So not only their body, but their mind and their spirit, because that's what we are.

We are try beings, mind, body, and spirit. And so we combine those three aspects into the healing modality, as well as a few other things like detox strategies, just simply because of the chemical world we live in. You know, soul work as well. We incorporate functional and herbal medicine to help support the body even further.

So yeah, things like that movement, obviously, because yeah. We're not meant to be so sedentary.

Glee: Oh, yeah. Great. And when did you start your holistic health journey?


Tania: Yeah. So basically I guess I've always been into the natural way of doing things. I haven't always been, you know, clean eating and looking after myself.

No, definitely not. But but yeah, you know, it's always been a part of me to do things the natural way first if I can. And so when I had my first daughter, she was around 18 months old and I decided to Really look at the chemicals that were in food, especially packaged food. That that's what I was kind of focusing on.

Anything with numbers in them, anything with names that I had no idea what it was. I started to eliminate from my diet and that also included things that I put on my body as well. Like bath and beauty products. Also things like cleaning products, I just. I got rid of it all and I replaced it with natural cleaner and greener products.

And so after doing that and feeling like I was ready for the next step in my health journey, I started noticing that there were a lot of people going vegan. And I was really curious as to why, because, you know, we're always taught. We get our calcium from dairy and we get our iron from, meat and, and I thought, well, how can they go vegan and still be healthy?

You know? And I looked into it. I literally typed into Google, like, why is everyone going be

that's me?

Well, like, you know, obviously there was the animal cruelty aspect of veganism which I think we all kind of know that part, but, but yeah, there was also all these health benefits. I was very skeptical about that, but but you know what, I took it in any way and tried to keep an open mind and yeah, the more I started researching into it, the more I thought, oh, I'm really interested in this.

Like, it's really sparked my curiosity. And one day  I made like a lamb in a sauce for dinner. And I went to go sit down and eat it. And have you ever seen that episode from the Simpsons where Lisa turns vegetarian?

Glee: I'm not sure, but I think I saw some episodes before of the Simpsons, but maybe not that specific episode, so yeah. Please enlighten us.


Tania: Yeah. So, so um, so yeah, Lisa turns vegetarian. You know, on her plate is like this, this piece of meat. And, in her mind, the piece of meat turns into a little lamb and it's, I think it says something, but I can't remember what the little lamb says. And so that was me at my dinner table looking down, and I just saw the animal that I was about to eat.

And I just. I just couldn't do it. You know, it was literally just like that. I can't do it anymore. So I thought, okay I'm trying this out now. So I started off with, you know, a one week challenge that became two weeks. And then after that it became a month and I was like, all right, like, I think I'm doing this now, you know?

But yeah, in that time, my symptoms sort of were all over the place. Again, and, I was doubting whether those health benefits were true, but then once, everything settled because I literally changed my diet overnight, you know? Yeah. I started to notice the health benefits.

Like my skin got clearer and my bloating reduced. And my period pain pretty much just went away where I used to be buckle down on the, couch with heat pack on, one day, every month. And My energy. That was another huge one as well.

My energy increased and I was always very tired and I had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome as a child. Yeah, I did. I started to notice these amazing benefits. And so I just kept doing the research and studying and reading book after book and on health and wellness spirituality as well as personal development.

And and then, mentor, I guess you could say, or someone that I resonated with at the time. Had come out with a coaching certification program and I thought, oh, okay. Not sure if I want to do health coaching, but I love health. And I'm just, you know, devouring as much information as they can.

And I just, just want to take it all in, you know? so I thought, okay, well I'll go for it. And yeah, that's where it all started. And I'm still sort of doing the same thing. I still devour, you know all this kind of health, wellness information. Then yeah, just keep going with it. And now I get to see clients and inform them about, you know, how to eat and how to look after yourself in a different sort of way.


Glee:  When you first realized that you wanted to do this holistic health kind of thing, did you converted right away or was it such a long and tedious process for you to do it?


Tania: It actually was easy for me because like you mentioned the part that part that really drove me was the animal welfare, So, when you have something like that backing you up, I think it's really easy to do something. Cause it's almost like you're not just doing it for yourself, but you're doing it for something else as well. That means a lot to you. So. Yeah, to be honest, like no, it, it wasn't difficult for me at all. It was difficult in the way.

I was, you know wondering, and very overwhelmed about what to cook each night and what to have to eat, you know, every other day. and things like my cooking skills had to develop in a different way, had to bring out flavor and food in a different way than you would when you rely on animal products, because animal products do have a lot of flavor.

So and I'm very into cooking as well. Yeah, that kind of that was a really good challenge. I mean, I loved it, but it was very overwhelming because I did literally changed so much overnight, but yeah, personally I found it really easy with my clients. I don't do it that way because that's the fastest way for people to go, oh, too hard.

Can't do it. Not, not doing it anymore. Yeah. And then completely stop everything. And you know, for me, like I choose not to eat animals, not only for health, but also for yeah, animal welfare, but I don't put that on my clients. And I don't judge people either for their choices, like my husband isn't vegan and that doesn't cause any problems for us.

So because we respect each other and that's what I try to do with my clients to respect their decision. And also you can still   A healthy person and live a healthy lifestyle. If you have a little bit of animal protein at night, for example, like it depends what kind, but but yeah, you know, you don't need to quit that altogether.

Glee: Thank you for bringing that up because I think that's, what's maybe some of the misconception, right. Because you know, like, oh, I have to quit it right away. Or if my, maybe my girlfriend is vegan and you know,  it may cause some issues . So I'm curious, how do you do it in your household?


Tania: Yep. So my husband loves the way I cook. And so he's happy to eat this way at home. And the kids as well, like they're very little, so they don't really get much of it at this stage.

Yeah. But yes. My husband eats the way that we all eat at home. And then when he's out, he, he can choose. But he often finds himself choosing something with more plants anyway, because he feels better. He can now feel the difference between when he eats a heavier meal that's full of animal products, which is high in fat too, when he eats, predominantly plant-based.

Yeah. Feels like he's got more energy and stuff. So That's how we work

Glee: Also with vegan, just so that I'm also across this, cause there's a vegetarian and there's there is vegan, right? So what's the difference between the two.


Tania: Yep. So vegan is all animal products. So that, that includes like the flesh the dairy, the eggs even honey.

So I don't even, honey. Yeah. I don't call myself vegan because I used to, and that's how I started, but I don't anymore because now I do consume honey. So I call myself plant-based but you know, it's just a label it's I don't really like using them, but it's sometimes It's easier for people to understand, like what you're saying when you just label it and then they kind of know, but yeah, that's veganism and then veganism is also to take it a step further where you don't wear wool or purchasing any products or anything from an animal like leather which is from cow.

So it's you know, it spreads out. Yeah. To that as well. Whereas vegetarian is only animal flesh. You don't consume and you still have dairy and eggs. And then there's so many labels. Then there's people that  just eat fish, but don't eat. Animal other animal flesh, but still eat dairy and eggs. So it's very, there's so many things pescatarian.

Yeah, yeah,

Glee: I don't know if you've seen it, but I, I didn't see the whole episode, but there's this Seaspiracy episode documentary in Netflix,  about  eating all just fish or sea products and how it's not good for the environment. So I haven't seen that documentary, but there was something like that.


  And there's this, episode or documentary in Netflix about veganism, as well know if you have seen it?


Tania:  Is that the one about like it's targeted at men? Yeah. Yeah. I've seen that one. Yeah. I forgot what it's called, but yeah, I have seen that one.

Glee: Yes, I've seen it, but it's just so hard for me to go vegan, but I still care about enemas or give your own, but it's just hard to do all vegan.


Tania: We, we all care about animals, you know, that's how, how we are. We all are. It's. you're ready to take that step or not. Or, some people have blocks in the way that, that doesn't allow that to happen and that's okay. We're all on our own journey and there's no right or wrong. It's just how you feel, want to live your life.

Glee: Yeah, thank you for opening that up because yeah, it's good that, people are not judging each other on whether they are vegan or not or something. And about the household, so you, they cook like only olive oil on your, on your dishes?

Tania: Yeah.

But I actually don't use oils.

Very rarely do I. Yeah. Do I cook with oils? Not at all now. Maybe I might put some in baking, but not really. I always try. Get like the healthiest version of something that I can, so, yeah. W one of the things that I love to do actually, and to challenge myself with is to get those, unhealthy kind of recipes and make them into really healthy ones.

So I hardly ever use oil anymore. Oh yeah. Thank you.

Like as in, do you mean if a recipe normally uses oil and then okay. Yeah, probably cakes. I find like a lot of baking, you know, in cakes, they, they have oil in them to kind of yeah. Make them taste better, I guess. But yeah, I try not to use, it.

Glee: So, and in cakes, so we don't use swing sweetener at all, right. Or Stevie or something.


Tania: Yeah, just use a natural sugar. So either coconut sugar, bananas, maple syrup I don't really use honey in baking. Those are the three ones I use for sweeteners. Yeah.

Glee: Interesting.

Tania: Yeah. So it's really easy once you know how to replace, what to replace, what with, you know?

Glee: You've mentioned earlier that the holistic health includes the spirit. What does a spiritual person mean to you?


Tania: Well, I believe that we're all spiritual because we all have a spirit, but I sort of, I know what you're what you're saying with your question. So I guess I would say awareness and open-mindedness and yeah, I think those are the two main ones,

Glee: So personally, how do you practice the awareness and mindfulness? Perhaps you could give some tips for our Zesties?


Tania: Yeah, sure. So one of my favorite ones that I've been doing is to choose your state of being before  you go somewhere. Do something. So normally we're always on autopilot and that's how we create our lives through our subconscious, throughout the, you know, through the autopilot way. And but instead when you decide that you're going to choose how you want to show up, you start to consciously create your life.

And and that's sort of how I,  practice. A lot of my spiritual practices is not really just sitting in meditation, going like home and trying to silence my mind. That's that doesn't really work for me. And so I try to find other ways to include mindfulness into my day.

So that's sort of how I go about it.

 Glee: Yeah. How do you typically go about your day or what's your typical day? Like.

Tania: Yeah. So, well now we're in lockdown, so it's changed again. So it's, yeah, it's it's a bit up and down, but yeah, at the moment in lockdown, it's a bit easier because I'm just at home, so I can really look after myself a bit better.

So I try to wake up a little bit earlier before my girls, but that normally doesn't really happen. I'm trying to get into that routine though. And  I always start my day with kind of checking in with spirit, I guess, and starting off that way, I'm setting my intentions for the day.

So choosing my state of being I do that and I try to think ahead about what I've got planned and try. choose how I want to show up that day. And then yeah, if my girls haven't woken up yet, I'll either do one of the medical medium meditation's he is a really well known in the health and wellness space and he's got some meditations out that really help with different ones, like with emotional struggles, cleansing and clearing the body.

So, yeah. Sometimes I do one of his meditations or or yeah, I'll do some self Reiki as well. So I'll yeah, Reiki myself pretty much depends what I feel like and how much time I have after that my eldest daughter gets herself ready, so that's all good.

I get my little one ready. For the day and then get their breakfast. And while I'm doing that, I have a big jar of lemon water. And so I drink one liter of lemon water before anything. And yeah, and then while they're eating, I start to make my celery juice. So that's also another leader of celery juice on an empty stomach.

So before I. Consume anything. I take my supplements and then yeah, often like my girls will want me to play with them or, you know, they'll want some attention from me. So we'll go and do that. and then, yeah, I try to do some yoga at home hop in the shower after that have some breakfast, which is always I always do a morning cleanse.

So pretty much always anyway, there's a very few times that I don't, but  I, consume blended watermelon or that's when it's, not that fresh now that it's winter here. It's not as nice, so I kind of just blend it up and then it still tastes good. Of watermelon or smoothies or just, yeah.

Persimmons are in season at the moment and they're one of my favorite fruits. Yeah. Do you know the persimmon?

Yeah. But I think I haven't eaten. I'm not sure. Or maybe I've eaten, but . Wasn't memorable for me, I guess I'm obsessed with them. So I literally have been buying them by the box and just, you know yeah.

Mano mailing on that. So so yeah, either, yeah.  Have a a fruit based breakfast.

Glee: That's what I wanted to say as well. Like all the things you've mentioned you've done before breakfast was like all fruits and veggies, like celery.


Tania: Yeah. So that's sort of what I do. that's kind of, how my morning routine looks and then the day can kind of go anywhere, really? Whether we have to go out or yeah. Or play with my girls homeschooling at the moment. So help my daughter with that. And then yeah, normally, yeah, I'll make a simple lunch for them and I just kind of eat whatever, really, if I feel like making lunch, I really, if I don't, I just eat fruit all day.


Glee: I just wanted to ask as well. You mentioned Reiki. So what is Reiki and how does it work?

Tania: Yeah, sure. So Reiki is a universal life force And I know this sounds like really, we re you know, kind of what, what is this? But quantum physics have, discovered that we are energy that we're like, I don't know what the amount is, but it's like 99 point something percent energy.

So I like to think of Reiki as the highest form of, of energy, which is love and So. the practitioner will channel that, that highest, pure energy into their body and through their hands. And then we use our intuition and intention to place our hands on or near the recipient's body down the chakras and you know, other areas of the body.

To Promote healing in whatever way. The recipient needs and whatever way that spirit thinks that the recipient needs healing.

Glee: All right. I heard about this lineage in Reiki, correct me if I'm wrong. Like, is it like passed down from the master, to the students or something like that?

Tania: Yeah, it is. So Dr. Usui was the creator and originator of Reiki. And so that's pretty much who I studied. I studied his teachings through my teacher and then it kind of just goes up the ladder to Dr. Usui again, that's pretty much what the lineage is.

Glee: Right. And so you mentioned that the Reiki treatment is given through the hands. Is it only through the hands or maybe? I don't know, like other forms as well.


Tania: Yeah, I mean, I, I was taught the Usui method, like we mentioned and that's through hands. It's also using symbols as well, which are sacred and very powerful symbols.

different symbols have different things that they do, like powering up or transcending time emotional balance. So it depends what we pick up on as well, intuitively what the recipient is needing. Then we can send through that as well. And that can just give it, give that energy, that loving energy boost.

Glee: And how does it feel like, for example, if you do self Reiki, how do you feel afterwards? If you could share with us?


Tania: So I guess it kind of depends on everyone.

And I've had a few Reiki sessions myself you know, before studying it as well. And yeah, each time was a little bit different for me as well, but generally you find people feel more relaxed yeah. Stress just melts. And lighter, like a sense of just feeling like, you know, just this heavy load, just being, you know, taken off you.

Which feels really weird. Like the first time I had it done a few years ago I think she used a different method with Reiki, so it wasn't what I've been taught, but I was thinking, why is she doing, you know, Like, oh, this doesn't seem right. And this is weird and this is probably like a waste of time and money.

And then I, I left there and it was like, I just had this spring in my step and I was like, I feel like something's just being taken off me. So yeah. It's I know it's a very kind of yeah, like I said, a ruru kind of topic. Like that, but but it works, you know, really works.

Glee: Yeah. I think someone just have to experience it because we just described it and like, I haven't done any Reiki sessions, but you know, like someone would just really need to experience it to say what it feels like.

Tania: Exactly. Yeah, exactly. It is something like that. Yeah. The open-mindedness to kind of give something like that ago, because yeah. It is really different to what, we're used to hearing.

Glee: can it also be administered through online or it needs to be like really physically in the presence of the teacher, because right now I know there's social distancing in lockdown and it's quite hard to do it.


Tania: Yeah, no, we can do Reiki. We call it distant Reiki. You're absent Reiki, right? So there's, there's a couple of ways you can do that too.

You can literally do it. Like I could be, you know, giving you Reiki now, like over our call or you can go about your day and I can set time as the practitioner  to send it to you while you're just going about your day. That's not really the way I like to do it because often people. If you're not sensitive to energy and you haven't had it before, you wouldn't even know that it's happened and then you'll miss it.

And you'll be like, oh, this was like a waste. So yeah, I'd rather kind of set up, like I would another session and have the recipient, lie down like you would in person and, go through it in real time.


Glee: What was the most heartwarming comment that you've received from your clients?

Tania: Yeah, one client, she was really struggling with, stress and having that knot in your stomach and just tension all over the body and not being able to kind of move through that on her own. And and yet after our session she said she just, she felt that knot just melt away you know, her shoulders had you know, had relaxed the pain in her hips had gone.

And yeah, she just felt a lot more relaxed and calm and not stressed anymore. So that was a really nice one because sometimes it doesn't work that way. Like if you've got a lot of stuff going on, I've found if you're like very heavy with emotional baggage at that time sometimes like you can, yeah, definitely go through waves of feeling really good and then dropping again and feeling really good and then getting really tired.

And that can go on for a while. Normally, you know, people do feel. They're best afterwards with a few like dips in energy and mood. And that only lasts a few days, but yeah, if you are carrying a lot and it's really heavy stuff, I have found that it can take a bit longer and you can have a stronger kind of cleansing you know, detoxing sort of effects.

Glee: Is it like the teacher passes on the loving energy to the student or the practitioner passes on their energy to the recipient.


Tania: Yes, but not, they're not the practitioner's energy. It's, it's like pure energy from spirit, from source, from the universe, from God, from the light, whatever you want to call it. It's. Yeah. So the, the practitioner is not the one that's getting drained and using her or his energy. And it's not like that.

No, we channel that energy. So we just become a vessel for it.

Glee: Yeah, that's great. Cause at first I was perplexed on how the energy gets being passed on. But thank you for clearing that up. I just have a quick question about balancing hormones, because I know you're also a hormone coach. So how do you incorporate like, or any best practices for fertility preparation?

Tania:  Yes. Yeah. So I guess using those key components that, I mentioned a little bit about before,  along with others that I think I didn't mention like food as medicine as well.

Yeah. Supplements. Yeah. So we use all that in helping the woman balance,  hormonally, but there's a lot of mindset stuff that comes with preconception and fertility. So we would use things like that tools that we have there. And then, women that are suffering from things like PCOS and endometriosis and you know, fibroids and, and yeah.

Infertility as well. They're feeling like their body is broken. it's really sad and they feel like their body has given up on them. And the thing I guess, that I really want to say about that is that think about like, would your body ever do that to you? Like, would it ever go against you and try to harm you?

Like when you really break it down and think about that? The answer is no, like your body would never do that. Yeah. It wants to live, you know, it's a living thing and it's always trying to do the very best it can for you. And so if there's something going on, if you have symptoms and conditions, it's not your body's fault, it's not your body attacking itself or your genes.

It's, environment. It's, something else that's going on. That's really, what I try to do is get to the root cause of what is going on hormonally so we can not put band-aids over it and try and mask it, but instead, use the holistic methods to try and heal naturally.

Glee: And so it could go on for like how many months of preparation.


Tania: I mean, a lot of people say, you know, minimum three months, three to six months, but, I like to say as soon as you can, if you know that you've always wanted to have a baby or one day then I would start as soon as you can because everybody heals in a different timeframe and it also depends on how much damage has been done and what your toxin load is.

As to how long it will take. If you've been on the pill and things like that. So yeah. I really just like to just say, yeah, as soon as you can, if you feel ready to take that step, then yeah. Let's do it, you know,

Glee: And it just got me thinking when you mentioned about the pill. So just a curious question. So as much as possible we shouldn't take, or we shouldn't use the pill because it's not natural. Is it something like that?

Tania: Yeah. So anything, any prescription medication that you take always come with side effects? Always. Yeah. So actually the pill doesn't give you a real period. It's it's a fake one. And the hormones that are in the pill.

Yeah. Overriding your body's natural rhythm. So everything kind of just gets muddled up. And yeah, for some people like myself, when I came off the pill, it was fine. Like I went back to having a normal period you know, every month straight away, but that's not the case for a lot of women as well. Like they can go a year or more without it.

The pill is pretty much just masked that those symptoms that were happening before, but because they might've been on the pill for so long their body has become burdened with toxins and, just from that other things as well which then their symptoms, they get off the pill and their symptoms are a whole lot worse and they're like, oh, what's happened.

But it's because it's been hidden for so long.

Glee: Yeah. Even like me when I was like a bit of long ago when I didn't come to Australia yet. So I was using pills because I was so stressed and I didn't have, my period just didn't come for like some, several months. So I went on pills and it really got me depressed. Like I feel that it has contributed more to my stress levels for some reason.

Like I easily get sad and my mood is. Always down.

 So So I could attest to that pill situation.

Tania:  I think most women can, if you know, because we kind of just stay on it. Don't we, we just, yeah.

Glee: 'Cause you know know is recommended by the doctor and you just want it to be there. You know, like you just want the quick way and you know, going on holidays, you don't want it, your period, all that kind of stuff.



Tania: Yeah. And that's the reality and, you know that's how society has made us think that, you know, we have to hide it. It's shameful thing, but that's a whole another story, you know? Yeah.

Glee: Yeah. So before we wrap up, what are your top tips on the journey to becoming holistically healthy?

Tania: Yeah. So I'm eating an abundance of live foods and drinking an abundance of live water. What else following your intuition? That's another one and following and doing what it says, like going for it. So not just yeah, not just kind of listening, but also following.

Yeah. Yeah. And trusting it because that, the brave part that takes, that takes a lot of bravery sometimes. And then, yeah, like I mentioned before, I think choosing your state of being so setting intentions before you do anything. And seeing what happens with that.

Glee: Great. So I have some few fun questions for you before we wrap up. So are you ready?


All right. What superhero or villain would make the best therapist for you? What do you think?

Tania: Oh, I would say for here is out there they all kinds of about violence aren't they? Which is something that

I'm not into.

They all kind of fight, which it's not really my thing.

Glee: Have a lead character on the movie or a TV character.


Tania: Ah, okay. That would be the best therapist. the first thing that sort of came to mind was yeah, Frozen 2 you know Elsa  from frozen. Yeah. Like I don't, I don't know if she'd make a good therapist, but maybe she would because in the second one, you know, she goes through this journey of finding herself and she does, lives out her destiny, if you want to call it or her calling her true, path, you know, she lives that out.

And so. Yeah, I think, I think that would make a good therapist because of sort of Been there and done that and then can then now kind of help someone else follow their path too.

Glee: Awesome. And another one, what mythical creature would improve the world the most? If it existed.

I'm coming up with very odd questions, but 

Tania: a mythical creature. Okay.

Well, the thing is, there's a lot of mythical creatures that I believe are real, so it kind of eliminates a lot

in your head.

Let's let's think. Maybe angels. They're very powerful. Yeah. Yeah. But I don't call them mythical

Glee: And so where can our zest, these find you?

Tania: Oh, thank you. So Yeah, my Instagram handle is @tonyaahkin, T a N I A A H K I N. And I share my recipes there because I love cooking. And like we said, I like making those unhealthy versions of dishes healthier. And so you don't feel like you're missing out, you know, I've also got a free recipe ebook that you can download there too.

Yeah, that's where you'll find me.

My email is just hello@taniaahkin.com.

Glee: Okay. Great. Great. Thank you so much, Tanya, for gracing the show. It was so wonderful to have you.

Tania: Oh, thank you, Glee. Thanks so much for having me. It was really nice. I like your fun questions at the end.

They were good. I have questions, but anyway, it's to spice things up. Exactly. Yeah, yeah, no, it's great.


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