Do you want to understand yourself and others?

Why do others react differently than we expected?

Our guest, a Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines and entrepreneur shares about the book she've read called Personality Plus by Florence Littauer. We talked about the four personality types namely the Popular Sanguine, the Powerful Choleric, the Peaceful Phlegmatic and the Perfect Melancholy.

Learn more about the combinations and how do we interact harmoniously with other personality types.

The types are not used for labelling, but a way to provide some context into our our colourful personalities.


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Excerpt transcript:


Khen: Yeah. Actually I'm this personality type temperament theory.

I've got that in the book personality plus from Florence Littauer she's an American author and have been studying personality for 25 plus years already. And I'm really, amazed with this book because. It has comprised all the behaviors for me to know more about people. So the four personality types, according to her and to the book is that we have sanguine when we call them popular sanguine.

When we have the perfect melancholy, the powerful choleric and the peaceful phlegmatic. So there are two impairments and according to Florence she said that every person has inborn temperament. So these are our raw material. This is who we are, but , we are harnessed and being changed through circumstances, experiences, and environment.

That's why we create different personality types. So there will be combination of the fourth temperament that makes sense. People  unique and becomes who they are. So that's basically the personality equip the environment theory.

Glee: Oh, all right. So there are adjectives  before the temperamental.

 could you take us through what comprises, why they are described that way?

Khen: I believe Florence need that name  to describe every personality. So for example, a sanguine when Florence, the author made it called popular because sanguine, when personality are really very enthusiastic.

They are popular because they become life of the party. So, as we go along, as we thought through with each personality, maybe you would be thinking who are those people? So I'll just share some of the characteristics of sanguinebites. So they are expressly active and they're really loved people.  They get their power when they have a lot of people around them, they are outgoing and.

Mostly they're good in telling stories because they are fun. they're inspiring and charming. And probably they're also good on stage because they're really lost people. So, especially when you are outside they're really good in speaking. Also sanguine wins, have memory for callers.

So for example, even if it's very basic work like cooking popcorn, they make it more enjoyable. They make people happy and also sanguine twins are like a child. They are wide eyed and very curious, creative and colorful. Also sanguine greens are really cannot say no. So these are the negative things of sanguine Wednesday.

You cannot say no, because we are people pleasers. So they want to be people around them and it be in the end, they could not say no, they're always saying yes, even if they don't can handle every appointment that they said yes to. And because of their. Fun, and expressive personality.

They make friends easily, but feel your true friends because they forget. So, aside from popular sanguine when they have opposite. So the opposite of a sanguine good person out of the, or the melancholic. So melancholy colleagues actually Are the thinker.

So, if this outfit is the Fokker, the "Melan" colleagues are the thinker and the planner because I'm built are these organized, but melancholic, they are organized. There is a story about melancholy in the book that there was this guy who actually go to the office and he could not start working with us even.

Aligning all their, all his pencils in the desk. So that's how organized he is. And melancholic are analytical people. They love to analyze. They will love to see graphs and charts. They want to study on their own and they are also neat and diabetic. Most of the colleagues. We really need them to be very serious and purposeful.

And the perfect term for melancholia is, or they are perfectionist. They have ideal standards, but also very emotional because they are compassionate and the are, have deep concern with others. And also "Melan" colleagues are the geniuses of the world. So, the best example of that Florence sampled in the book is Michael Angelo, the painter in the Sistine chapel.

 If you could imagine Michael Angelou finish that. The painting for four years in chief Suzanne chocolate, because he wanted it to be perfect. So that's there are intellectual and also they are detailed, conscious once straight to the point and they six ideal mate. So that's perfect. My lung colleagues and another personality are the corollary.

So. This is another sanguine. When is an extrovert outspoken? Now I'm calling are introverts and Kolarik is another extrovert. Personality. So cholerics are the leaders of the world. They are born leaders. So mostly they get their way the are compulsive and strong-willed. So if you've met people, like they really wanted to have their way, they want to have to do their own way.

So they are polarity, they're decisive and cholerics are goal oriented people. So they always wanted to do things their own way and finish it, even if they are not being sensitive or B, because they are focused on the result. So that's one of the downside of being a corollary because different gaps to be sensitive is they want the goals to be done no matter what, whatever it takes.

And of course if Neyland are also loves to work, cholerics also loves the work, but they delegate it so they know how to delegate work. And usually they're good in debate. so, sometimes it's scary to find a corollary because they can be very strong. there's also the other personality, which is the exact opposite of cholerics.

They are the phlegmatic. So. when they say from the word beast, what very new wanted to make everything peace. So they come the crowd.

they have low key personality. So sometimes you see like MAPICS at the back of the background that just listening and observing phelgmatics has many friends because you can never go wrong with the phlegmatics. They're really friendly, easy going and easy to get along with because they both argue.

They just always say yes and Black are good listeners. So they listen to you. If you want to, someone to talk to, you can go to Aflac. They're also patients with you and very happy. Yeah. Just easy going. And it has administrative ability. So one of the example that we can give to like Malbecs are the like negotiators or there's a, there is this book I've also read.

About hostage negotiators. So these are flat MAPICS because they know how to come and reconcile equal. So that's basically the temperaments and they are opposites and similar. 

Glee: I think that even though these types of tests, there are different personality tests out there and. We cannot really label a person for a specific trait, but of course, this just helps us to understand people more, not labeling them, but understanding them. So aside from that, so can you take us through, like, what are the benefits of understanding these personality types as we go through life?

Khen: Yeah. I actually, I agree with you when you said D that yeah, instead of changing them, we should understand them. So, basically that's the purpose of the book and the book says understanding yourself. So that you can also understand the others. So the benefit of knowing your personality types is really knowing that you are unique, that we are unique in each of each person is unique.

It's combination of your personality is unique. And knowing your strengths, your weaknesses, and who you really are, could really make you understand yourself more. And there is this dating from John Maxwell his his one of the. Well known best-selling author and speaker. He said that successful people work hard in knowing themselves.

 If you know who you really are, then you know how to become the best of who you are and, you know, your inner selves improve your personalities. And by doing that, you will also understand and get along with others very well. Probably that's one of the basic benefits that this book gave me personally with my own story, knowing myself I actually took that's 11, 10 or 11 years ago.

Yeah. I've read the book when 30 11, so that's 10 years and I tested myself. And it's, it went that I have sanguine wind. And culinary combination. So, but there are not really far like, we have sanguine wind for 16 points and 15 points for clarity. So knowing that I understood that, Hey I want that to go out.

I wanted to meet people. That's why I sometimes have a lot of friends and I have a lot of. Appointments troffers or meeting people. And sometimes I could not meet all of them because I, I understood that saying yes, so that I will please people, but I am not that committed in, in my, yes. So. That made me understand that.

That's why I could not say no because I'm a people pleaser and I could not relapse because I'm not Teleric I always wanted to be goal oriented. So that's what happened to me. And at the same time, it made me analyze and understand people. Not same as me because. Before, of course you B I understood that.

If I'm right and if you want also to confirm that you're the other side of me, you're the introvert, the "Melan" and the Phleg personality. Yes.

Glee: Yeah. I'm totally am like, even, I think I took that test before, but I forgot what the combination was, but melancholia is the perfect description for me.


Khen: Yeah. Yeah. I also agree. So this more, I thought that I should be like you, right? Cause sometimes when we always eat something we don't have. Right. So, it made me realize, knowing the book that I should not copy any other personality and I should be also understand others because they are different for me.

And we could leverage each other's strengths. So. Yeah. So that's really one of the benefits. Of this book and thank you for her affirming that my guess is right.

Glee: Yeah, I took the test years ago. I think that was when we were talking about it as well, but I forgot the combination, but I'm very sure I'm melancholic. If we're going to take the test today, let's say we've took the test 10 years ago.

Do you know if there's a possibility that. The personalities changed or the combination

Khen: changes? that's a very good question. My answer is yes, and even the book said that because of our personality though, we have our inborn environments, but we are changed according to our experience, our environment.

And sometimes we undergo masks of survival. The book tells us that. For example, if for us, we are a contents, right? So if I am a when, and my work is on that content, so sometimes I copy other personalities so that I could be now land because I contents are really, should be detail oriented. So in the end, probably you will also change your personality.

When you took the test, it might change, but you then given a circumstance like an emergency, your true personality will really reveal. If I must sanguine when in my role in that area and I'm becoming Nehlen because of my work, but when I'm given an urgent path, I'll be astounding.

I'll go back to  on my original personality, but we can change. And the goal actually of the book is really to balance your personalities, according to your environment, according the people you deal with.

Glee: so it's like , you can adapt to a certain trait.

Or temp paramount based on the circumstance. However, when an emergency situation arises. So your actual, or your raw material will prevail  if you could help us, cite some examples of  popular figures. About  which one is melancholic or which one is sanguine, if you could share.

Khen: Yeah, sure. One of the popular, sanguine wins are it's a Filipina. Okay. Yeah, sure. Okay. So if you're really popular sanguine good examples for Philip for Filipino actors is Alex guns. I got number one, YouTube here in the, and so as you can see, she talks too much and, but she's fun in a way, right?

The opposite courtesy. There is the melancholic. So Tony is narcotic. That's why they're very opposite. I know their "Melan"s as what I've mentioned, way back is Michael Angelo. So the pain was seen third another example for For me, I must sanguine good. My sister is a "Melan". So you are a "Melan".


And famous personality for cholerics? Probably there are the president. Some of the people I've known having cleric personality is one of my friends here in the Philippines. So, he is he's really caloric. He's a lawyer. And I could see that he knows he's waiting. cholerics also Are you goal oriented? he actually have a goal and he wants it his way.

And if you could also search one of example is Louis Carrillo his seamless leader and speaker in our community and he used to be an air traffic controller. So that's how he. He said that his hundred percent goal Eric and  phlegmatic is one of my present day hero because I love this guy he's really so spoken, his name is Mike Wilson.

So he's actually the founder of CCG international. The one that, that I am connected with. his powerful phlegmatic,  he wanted to do a work and they just lays around. So that's how phlegmatic are, but you know what. So like MAPICS can also be coloring in a way they have this iron wheel personality, if they wanted to.

That's why sometimes you should be also careful with black MAPICS because if they want something to happen, they are really focused and they wanted it to finish fast so that they could rest. Yeah.

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