Edwin Frondozo, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, award-winning podcaster of The Business Leaders Podcast, keynote speaker and co-founder of many start...View Details

Season 3 Trailer

Welcome to Season 3!     Zestie survey: I'd like to know you better! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6CVL2QD   Join the zesty community on: Instagram: ...View Details

S3 E1: Bonus

This episode is recorded via Riverside.FM.   Follow and subscribe to Banana Q Podcast wherever you get your podcasts! Find them on: Instagram: www.ins...View Details

Hey Zestie! Welcome to Season 3! This episode is recorded via Riverside.FM.   For our pilot episode, I invited Dee of Banana Q Podcast, to talk about ...View Details

  Glee shares which pieces of advice she tried from the shows guests from the past episodes. Zestie survey: I'd like to know you better! https://www....View Details

We get to talk to ex-BBC broadcaster, cancer survivor and author, CJ Grace, on how she came up with the six-part plan of surviving a divorce. She sha...View Details

  John Davis, the founder of The Corporate Action Hero, shares his series of inspiring journey from being an introverted kid, to being a fight and st...View Details

  More fun conversations with Marian! A continuation from the last week's episode.   Follow Tita Talks on: Instagram: www.instagram.com/talkstita Fac...View Details

There are two things we have in common with Marian - being an immigrant and a K-drama fan. This session is divided into Part 1 and 2.  In Part 1, we ...View Details

  Bonnie Hewitt, the founder of Posh Notions, an upcycling business based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania shares her pivotal moments from being diagnosed...View Details

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